Water Healing Meditation

Every living thing on this earth is fed by water, from the peoples of the earth, all our wonderful animal life to the most minuscule blade of grass, plant, tree or flower.

We would not be here without it.

All of life, every single living thing depends on it.

A Blessing for the Water

When you think of the worlds waterways in this way what do you feel about it?

If you feel love in your heart, gratitude, this will be a blessing in itself.

To create this feeling in your heart at the same time as others, will join the energy together and create some powerful healing in the world which will affect every living thing in a positive way.

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Extra blessing
  1. Do a short meditation you are familiar with.
  2. Create a feeling of love and gratitude for the worlds waters in your heart.
  3. When you feel this connection, ask for beings of pure light, God consciousness, Gaia, your own spiritual guides, to bless all the waters of the world with divine love and wisdom and healing.

Ask for it to be blessed with healing, peace and compassionate energy. Ask that everyone joining in with this is also blessed by this process.

Healing the Waterways with Crystals and Reiki

After working with crystals in a healing capacity for many years, to enhance healing work, for protection, putting crystal grids together, for lots of different projects, also joining in with the Worldwide Peace Grid projects, I have been left with no doubt as to the ability of crystals to take instruction and hold information. Because of this innate ability of crystals I have found that it is also possible instruct them through Reiki and also to attune them to Reiki.

You can use crystals of any size, even very small ones, these are often more powerful, as they are less likely to have flaws. But any crystal will work. You can also add rocks from the local area mixed in with the crystals.

  1. First clear and clean your crystals.
  2. Sit by the river, lake or waterway that you wish to heal. Hold the crystals in your hand and do a short meditation, Gassho or any other you are familiar with.
  3. Start giving the crystals healing.
  4. When you feel this connection, attune them to Reiki Healing, if you are not a Master then just carry on giving the crystals healing for a few minutes.
  5. Instruct the crystals to continually heal themselves and everything around them. Say this 3 times.
  6. Instruct the crystal to ‘Change ego consciousness to love consciousness in all the water around you.’ (say this 3 times).
  7. Place a crystal in the water. Let your intuition guide you where.
  8. After just a few minutes you will be able to feel a difference in the water.

This process can be used in Rivers, Lakes, Water Sources, Fountains, Water you drink, even small bowls allowed to evaporate in your home.

Use your imagination and find other ways to use this!

Happy healing everyone!

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