Reiki Courses 

Pick up and drop off available from Malaga Airport

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Please don't be put off if you cannot afford this, we can be honest with each other and talk, there is always plenty to do here and it is always a pleasure to work with other people in the garden.


The true nature of Reiki energy is that it works in harmony with you, in a spirit of loving co-operation and free flowing joy. Rather than taking over you, it merges  with you, melds with you, allowing your true gifts and potential to develop. 

Reiki has the ability to quicken any spiritual path you follow, meeting you where
you are.
We have been teaching traditional Reiki for over 20 yrs, in England and Spain, and continue to assess and improve our classes, teaching methods and the treatments we offer. This is an ongoing process that will continue always.
We also offer support to our students, and new teachers, offering many helpful resources. 
We provide a beautiful and calm  envionment to learn Reiki in, and to enjoy Rob's lovely Vegan lunches. 

Any of our Reiki students wishing to retake classes are very welcome, we charge €100.00 for this.

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Reiki 1 and Reiki 2  courses

These courses are for beginners. Students who have a previous Reiki 1 find it beneficial to reinforce this teaching just before the Reiki 2 module. 

By learning and using this simple technique, you will move towards balance and wholeness, activating the body’s natural healing responses.

We are so much more than a physical body, and as you begin to see yourself as multi-layered beings, a beautiful journey begins, bringing joy and clarity with it.  

After completing this course you will have the skills to practice professionally. 

You will be able to create a loving and protective environment to live in through manifesting positive energy. Send distance healing to people, animals, for your work and home life, enviromental projects and world crises.

Attract more happiness, opportunities, enjoy success in your new expansive self.

Shift trauma from people, homes and situations.

Enhance your communication and effectiveness in all interactions.

This course also contains advanced healing techniques, which stand on their own, but can also be built on if you decide to go on to Masters level. 

5 day course

This course most embodies the traditional way that Usui Sensei taught, allowing for a deep and broad spiritual practise,.

A light lunch is included on the course.

we offer accomodation for all courses. 

No pre-requisite 

5 day course Euro 290.00 (accommodation available from 40 Euro per night, 55 Euro full board)


5 day Syllabus 

You will discover


 Creating safe and sacred space. (everyday)

 Attunements to the traditional Reiki symbols. ( every day)

 Daily Meditations with many different focuses. ( everyday)

 Daily healing exchanges using key hand positions for maximum impact, 

   and the 3 pillars of Reiki method, the traditional way.

 Self healing.



 Working on unblocking our authentic self, attaining oneness in our

 How to heal the root cause of illness or disease, healing exchange on this.

 Different methods of extracting illness.

 Using crystals with Reiki for healing and protection.



 Send distant healing to people, for community, or world crises.

• Healing the earth where you are and at a distance.

 Starting your own Reiki programs for yourself and others.

 Professional ethics.



. Using sacred symbols and Reiki, to heal ourselves back to our seed energy,
     and to our future.

 Psychic surgery.

 Deepen our connection to our own light, nature and the elements.

 Healing animals.



 Healing exchange using all the methods weve practised.

 Developing our intuition for knowing who and what is going to be in and on
   our lifes path.

 Creating our future.

 Connecting with the elements.

 Transfiguration meditation and blessing ceremony.


 Creating safe and sacred space

 Attunements to the traditional Reiki symbols.

 Daily Meditations with many different focuses.

 Daily healing exchanges using the traditional 
hand positions method and the
   3 pillars method.

 Self healing.

 Working on unblocking our authentic self, attaining oneness in our
   healing, working from a soul level. 

 How to heal the root cause of illness or disease, healing the past.

 Psychic surgery.

 Different methods of extracting illness.

 Starting your own Reiki programs for yourself and others. Professional ethics.

 Send distant healing to people, animals, the environment and world crises.

 Working on unblocking our authentic self, attaining oneness in our
   healing, working from a soul level. 

 Finishing with a ceremony of blessing for the

 Finishing with a ceremony of blessing for the new healers.

 Connecting with nature, with the earth, with our Reiki guides, and 

   spiritual helpers.

 How to create a healthy body for ourselves.

 Connecting with the earth, fire, water, air.

 Healing the earth.

 How to extract illness from the body and the light body.

 Psychic surgery.

 Give meditations, learn how to do this in a gentle way practising with each other.

 Give demonstrations and talks. This again is done in a gentle way, working
   with each other.

 The afternoons will be at a more relaxed pace, often working outside, 
   weather permitting.

It takes around 6 months after the attunements for the energies to settle in your bodies. 

We recommend spending this 6 months completing a set of 5 case studies, each of
6 treatments (30 in all). This can be done on people, animals, earth healing, distance healing, situations or just yourselves. This will give you experience and confidence.
I am always happy to look over case notes either in person or via the internet. This is of course completely optional, but it will develop your healing skills and give you confidence in your ability, allowing you to feel imbalances in other peoples bodies (and your own). This alone is a lovely skill to have and leaves you in a good position to start working professionally.

Study packs will be provided plus certificates on completion.

ANY PAST STUDENT MAY RETAKE A COURSE at the same level FOR €100.00.

This includes Masters and the 5 day course wether its the 3 pr 5 day course you have previously taken.

Only students who have studied here will be eligible for this.


Reiki Masters – ('Shinpiden' Teacher of Mysteries)

Advanced Reiki Training


When a student decides to become a Reiki Master, which is always a lovely and exciting time, they will have already started a process in themselves which will result in furthering their skills as a healer.

Your higher selves or soul energies exist outside of time, so when you decide to take this class the spiritual preparation will have already begun. 

This will be of great benefit to you and those around you before you even begin the class. 

In Japanese the name for Reiki Master is Shinpiden, this means teacher of mysteries.

No matter how much experience we have as healers, there will always be a deeper level of consciousness to explore, so the mystery is never really solved.

This involves continually healing yourselves on deeper and deeper levels, developing your ability to channel more refined and compassionate Reiki.   

The path for this is both inviting and joyous, and will continue as long as you choose to be a seeker. 

Pre-requisite: Reiki 2

Euro 390.00  (accommodation available from 50 Euro per night)

This is a 5 day course. A Study Pack will be provided, plus a certificate on completion.


Course includes:

 Creating a safe and sacred space

 Attunements to the traditional and sacred Reiki Master symbols

 Symbol practice, meditation on the symbols

 How to attune other people to Reiki plus daily practise of this.

 Daily healing exchanges, 

 Deepening our practise in
 healing, removing the original cause of illness or disease
   in the physical and the light body in a safe way.

  Psychic surgery

  Developing our own inner wisdom and light by working on an ever deepening
   level on unblocking our authentic self, attaining oneness in our healing and 
   working from a soul level. 

 Chakra clearing

 How and what to teach in your Reiki classes

 Set up Reiki teaching programmes, for success in both creating new teachers 
   and helping them work from a soul level. 

 Connecting with nature, with the earth, with our Reiki guides. 

 Giving meditations in a class.

 Give demonstrations and talks. 

 Finishing with a ceremony of blessing for the new Teachers.

The afternoons will be at a more relaxed pace, often working outside weather permitting. 

On completion of this course you will be able to pass on Reiki to others. Also, your healing abilities will have greatly increased.

I recommend that you practice attuning other people, friends, family, pets and even inanimate objects, such as teddy bears etc. It is also a good idea to get together with other Reiki Masters and practice attuning each other. 

Integrating spiritual practice into your body and cells

What to do with enlightening information we receive from all sorts of sources, books, workshops, summits, even facebook posts.
Do we only nurture our minds with this information and feel we are evolving because we have more information? 
Or should we be finding ways to bring this from the rational brain into our heart chakra and all the cells of our body. To wake up the innate intelligence, to strengthen our spirit, to create lightness in our bodies, passion and wisdom.
To take new spiritual information to the deepest level possible, will help us evolve to a new level of consciousness.
This takes time and practice but is not difficult, when you feed something it will grow. Set your intention, plant the seed and then feed it.
Allow enlightened information to drop from your brain into your heart chakra, this goes from the bottom of your throat to your perineum.
To evolve into a new level of consciousness we need this shift.
Eventually and it does take time, to bring this into our everyday lives and activities.
Everything we have all been through over the last few years, and I mean everyone, is about humanity moving forward towards this,
its our job as teachers to help others strengthen their spirit in whatever spiritual practice we are in, to always plant positive seeds and then feed them.


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"Trained by the best, amazing experience, loved every minute of it".


"Thank you so much Julie for everything, it was a magical weekend".


"We had an amazing time and learned so much. Looking forward to seeing you again soon".


"Many thanks again for your great hospitality and the bespoke Reikitraining you provided. It really was a great time".


"I attended the Reiki levels one and two with Julie in October and found it to be one of the most moving experiences of my life. I previously knew nothing about Reiki, just had a sense that I would know how to do it with the right guidance. Julie provided a warm and inviting space to teach me the skills I needed. She is knowledgeable and kind, giving you just enough to begin but not too much to dull your own intuition. My instincts were honed and I felt very much and very quickly like I now had a way to contribute to the world in a meaningful way. The lessons were concise and hands-on. I learned an incredible amount in the three days we spent together. I have since been developing my Reiki work and have Julie to thank for opening up a sense in me that I never knew I had. I recommend the experience-Rob's food is wonderful. Since eating such clean and healthy food, I adopted a fully vegetarian lifestyle shortly after the course. (not quite vegan but working on it!)I slept in a room with a wood-burning stove and there was always more than enough coffee(very important detail!). I cannot recommend this enough- they are two of the loveliest people I have worked with". 


"I did all three levels of Usui Reiki with Julie some five years ago at her exceptional home in Competa. Excellent training in a wonderful sacred atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and views, and beyond kind support ever since. Their own home grown fruit and vegetables, cooked and presented beautifully by Rob, added to their very generous welcome made this a very special time in my life. Count myself blessed to know them both". 


"The Reiki 1 and 2 course that I did with Julie was an amazing experience for me. Julie is a very experienced and powerful healer and I could not have had a better teacher to learn from. On top it is such a peaceful place with beautiful surroundings, and I'll never forget the hospitality and the wonderful fresh food that Rob was cooking. I can highly recommend the courses, the people and the place".



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