Earth and Water Healing 

with Reiki

Earth Kinesis or Healing of the Earth and Waterways are processes I have developed over the last few years. they are a mixture of Reiki Attunements, Earth Acupuncture and Space Clearing techniques, and instructing and attuning crystals to heal the Waterways

The energy of the Earth, or Gaia as she is somtimes known, has a consciousness, as do all the things that grow from her, trees, plants etc. It is also possible to connect with this consciousness in the same way that we communicate with our Spiritual Guides, Higher Selves or God Consciousness.

Because of the Spiritual nature of Gaia and our ability to communicate and feel this, it is possible to attune areas using the reiki attunement process. This energy will carry on developing and healing itself and any living things in it's path – not just people, but plants, animals and wildlife. I have found that fruiting trees and plants, fruit in abundance after this process.

There are all sorts of reasons why some of these energies are negative, some positive and some benign. Some are natural and some are not, from underground streams, water courses, stresses in the earth's crust, disturbances of the soil from building works, chemical usage, to terrible happenings of war for instance.

As Humanity's vibration increases, we become more compassionate (and I do believe that light is far stronger and more powerful than anything dark) so this affects the earth's consciousness, as we are inextricably linked. I believe this is happening in the world at the moment, new more compassionate energy is moving in and the older more selfish energy is becoming more irrelevant.

After using this process in and around your home, the vibration will have been raised and you will find your homes physically a little warmer for a few weeks while the process completes. People report improvements in health, relationships and business and a new understanding of spiritual energies with more clarity overall. This happens in a very natural way. It meets you where you are.

Healing the Waterways with Crystals and Reiki

After working with crystals in a healing capacity for many years and then going on to put crystal grids together for lots of different projects and joining in with the Worldwide Peace Grid projects. I have been left with no doubt as to the ability of crystals to take instruction and hold information. Because of this innate ability of crystals I have found that it is also possible to attune them to Reiki.

Any crystal can be used for this, but crystals with less flaws in them will vibrate at a higher level. If you have any crystals that have broken, they have probably broken at these faults. They can still be used, and, in fact may work better.

You can use crystals of any size, even very small ones, these are often more powerful, as they are less likely to have flaws. But any crystal will work.

1. First clear and clean your crystals.

2. Sit by the river, lake or waterway that you wish to heal. Hold the crystals in your hand and do a short meditation, Gasho or any other you are familiar with.

3. Think about the energy of the crystal you are holding.

4. When you feel this connection, attune them to Reiki Healing, if you are not a Master then give the crystals some healing for a few minutes.

5. Instruct the crystals to continually heal themselves and everything around them, water, plants, fish, everything.

6. Next, say to the energy of the crystal:

‘Change ego consciousness to love consciousness in all the water around you. (say this 3 times).

7. Place a crystal in the water. Let your intuition guide you where.

After just a few minutes you will be able to feel a difference in the water.

This process can be used in Rivers, Lakes, Water Sources, Fountains, Water Tanks in your home, Water you drink, even small bowls allowed to evaporate in your home.

Use your imagination and find other ways to use this technique.

Happy Healing

Julie Narewski

Julie gives regular courses on Earth Healing and Water Healing from her home in Spain, 

Inspiration for this work:

William Lee Rands World Wide Peace Grids.

Little Grandmothers Healing Waters.

2 day courses are available in all the above

including Earth Acupuncture and Dowsing Techniques

see courses page

I am happy to come and complete this process in your home office or land

Treatment costs

Average 3-4 Bedroom House with Garden 250 euros

Outside of local areas expenses may need to be added for travel, accomodation, food etc. these are 100 euros per day plus the cost of petrol or any train or air fares. 

This treatment will clear and heal the energy that is in and around your home from you and previous occupants and raise the vibration of the energy.


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