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About Shamanism

Shamanic practise goes back tens of thousand of years, having roots all around the world in many different cultures. 

Shamanic teaching tells us everything that exists has a spirit, and we are spiritually joined with the earth, nature and all of life.

Many of us today feel a deep longing to experience this unity. When in a Shamanic journey we can communicate with animals, plants, trees, birds, insects, the elements, the moon, stars, the sun, anything that exists. We then experience our connection to all life.

Shamanism traditionally, focused on results for hunter gatherers, growing crops, finding water. The health of the tribe would also  have been reliant on Shamanic spiritual healers, focusing on the spiritual cause of illness.  The Shamans would also be conductors of ceremony, helping from one phase of life to another, births, coming of age, marriage and death.

Story telling was also an important part of this.  

 If a Shaman was unable to divine correctly people died, the survival of the tribe was dependent on the abilities of the Shaman.  

Often there would have been more than one Shaman with a tribe, each with different abilities. The gift of these would have been passed down through the generations, we will all be linked to indiginous peoples if we go back far enough through our ancestors.

Shamanic journeying can be used by anyone today, we all have a link to this, particularly now with the new enlightenment for humanity coming with the recent changes in the Earth’s energy.

Shamanic Journeying gives you the opportunity to discover unseen allies, healing and wisdom for your life and World, gaining clarity and insight into any number of life's challenges.

Everything I dreamed of receiving from a spiritual practice this has given me, truly beautiful. 


Upcoming Shamanic Courses 2019

2 full day course (30th - 31st March 2019)

Part 1. 

Amongst other things, this workshop will cover the removal of obstacles that may have held you back from living the life you were born to live and leave the way clearer to attract more of what you do want and allow you to move forward fearlessly.  Healing can take place on many levels.

• Foundations for journeying.

• Exploring the 3 worlds.

• Meeting your power animals and teachers.

• Lots of journeying practice, pairing off and journeying for each other.

• Ceremonial work, performing ceremony, clearing blocks, community healing,  
   fire ceremony, 

• Deepening our relationships with unseen allies.

• There will be other topics covered to benefit the outcome of the workshop.

Price €120.00. including vegan lunches


Experiences that led me (Julie Narewski) to Shamanism

The path of direct revelation

As a child I always saw spirit children and played with them, it felt happy, safe, and fun. However, in the world I lived in it wasn't seen as a normal thing, and I was encouraged not to mention such things.

Always nervous at night when young, I would pray for Angels to watch over me, and yes every night I would see a large figure standing at the foot of my bed with wings and a gown, around 7ft tall, I found this terrifying and never related the two till much later.

As I grew older these things gradually disappeared. But I have always been a seeker of spirit, magic, and a happy heart.

After working with Reiki for around 10yrs, I started to have some strange experiences. When healing someone I would see their past lives, I would see pictures, what they were doing and often felt what they were feeling, also their surroundings, what they were wearing and what was going on generally, this gave me an idea of the times, and the cause of their problem, this became helpful in their treatment, allowing me to heal their original hurt, resulting in better outcomes.

At around the same time, I had an experience of Mother Earth speaking to me. I could hear her with my ears and feel her in my heart, a truly beautiful experience. She was asking me to perform attunements on her where it was needed and that I would get guidance on this, this has been an on-going process, and still is.

I was also guided to perform a healing attunement to each chakra on my students before the initiation attunements to Reiki. This has proved to be a powerful tool too.

I have experienced the love of a tree, of a place, a garden, even of a house. Sometimes I have wondered what to do with these things.

My friend Linda introduced me to shamanic practise after my husband was unwell, we were blown away with this and wanted to learn more.

This was only 2 years ago, 2017. After Linda taught us the first level of journeying there was no stopping Rob my husband and myself.

We have journeyed regularly a couple of times each week since, and the skills I have seem to fit really well with this. The results from healing people is so much quicker and complete, the personal joy and blissful feelings from this work is so beautiful.

I still practice and teach Reiki all the time but this addition has taken things to a whole new level of blissful revelations.


Integrating spiritual practice into your body and cells

What to do with enlightening information we receive from all sorts of sources, books, workshops, summits, even facebook posts.
Do we only nurture our minds with this information and feel we are evolving because we have more information? 
Or should we be finding ways to bring this from the rational brain into our heart chakra and all the cells of our body. To wake up the innate intelligence, to strengthen our spirit, to create lightness in our bodies, passion and wisdom.
To take new spiritual information to the deepest level possible, will help us evolve to a new level of consciousness.
This takes time and practice but is not difficult, when you feed something it will grow. Set your intention, plant the seed and then feed it.
Allow enlightened information to drop from your brain into your heart chakra, this goes from the bottom of your throat to your perineum.
To evolve into a new level of consciousness we need this shift.
Eventually and it does take time, to bring this into our everyday lives and activities.
Everything we have all been through over the last few years, and I mean everyone, is about humanity moving forward towards this,
its our job as teachers to help others strengthen their spirit in whatever spiritual practice we are in, to always plant positive seeds and then feed them.

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