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Welcome to the San Andreas website, where you will find much to interest and inform you about our Reiki Courses, Meditations,  Medicine of the Earth Courses, and Treatments.

Along with our Reiki workshops we will be introducing Shamanic Journeying workshops early this year. So looking forward to this.

Why learn Reiki? What will it do for me?

Reiki will meet you where you are, so whatever your natural or learnt ability you will come on in leaps and bounds from this point. It is suitable for everyone.

You will be able to give healing to yourself and others, also at a distance. To feel the loving energy of Reiki flowing through your body to another is a wonderful thing. This is just the beginning of what you can expect.

You can be a practitioner and teacher eventually, using this for work enables you to spend a lot more time devoting yourself to this discipline.

For myself the greatest gift has been on personal development, my own path, the practice of searching for the unique and true nature of the soul.
This is why people meditate all over the world and is an important part of the Reiki discipline.

As you start to recognise your own true nature, that light within us, you start to notice it in others, in nature and animals, this has the effect of making you less fearful about things, and more compassionate towards other people, less quick to react, it gives you more happiness.

Reiki has the ability to quicken the path for this whichever discipline you follow.

We have been teaching traditional Reiki for over 20 yrs, in England and Spain, and continue to assess and improve our classes, teaching methods and the treatments we offer. This is an ongoing process that will continue always.

We also offer support to our students, and new teachers, offering many helpful resources. 

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Set in the foothills of the Almijarra mountains

Reiki San Andreas is located in Andalusia Southern Spain on the outskirts of Competa, a small ‘white village’ set in the foothills of the Almijarra mountain range, 16 kilometers from the coast and many beautiful beaches. We do have some of the most amazing views.

We live a sustainable lifestyle, running off grid and organically, and produce and store our own solar electricity, and have our own water supply, it is a place with lovely energy. 

We have organic allotments with wick beds for growing produce, when there is produce available guests are welcome to use it. An honesty box system is used for this and the outside Bar. 

We make organic products, from plants grown here in our own organic gardens, which we sell here, and online from October. There is seasonal availability for these. The flowers and leaves are hand picked and prepared, infused or macerated, and lovingly turned into Natural Healing Balms, Oils, Potions, Gels, and Creams, for medicinal and cosmetic use. We also run courses in making organic and natural products. 

We provide home made Vegatarian food for our students, in a truly lovely environment, we have created beautiful energy here which we enjoy sharing with others.


We will soon be able to offer b&b for anyone who wishes to stay with us, for Courses, Treatments, Meditation Practice, or just for a vacation. Whatever your reasons for visiting us, you will be very welcome. 

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