The Cleansing Process and You – Things to be aware of

Reiki attunements and healings can start a cleansing process that affects the physical body, the mind and emotions.

Toxins and old thought patterns and emotions that aren’t helpful to us can be released. This does not always take place, but it is important to understand the process if this should happen in order for you to support its completion.

Whenever changes take place, there is a period of adjustment –

You may well experience yourself detoxing in any way that your body naturally uses to get rid of unwanted things, typically: runny noses and cold symptoms, upset stomachs, spots, etc.

Healing can also take place on a higher level, affecting your emotions. typically: feeling irritable, a bit sad, confused, etc. all sorts of emotions can emerge at this time, these are an indication of healing on a much deeper level. So, please be aware that while these may make you feel uncomfortable for a short time, major healing will be taking place and that very soon your life will be filled with much more clarity be healthier and more joyful.

Past life healing may also affect other family members in the same way.

Kinetic healing of your home may affect anyone who lives in, or has lived in that home. 

All of these processes take about 6 months to fully reach completion.

Things that you can do to help this process are: drink more water and eat healthy, cleansing foods (such as fresh fruit and vegetables), meditation, lots of quiet time and rest, continuing to nurture yourself.

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