Shining Heart Meditation

Sit everyone in a circle
Start with a gasho meditation, then say:

Highest Reiki guides, Angels and Archangels be with us merge with us.

God consciousness be with us merge with us.

Gaia, spirit of the earth, be with us merge with us.

Our higher self, soul energies, our innate intelligence be with us, merge with us.

Be with us in this Reiki course, share your healing and protection with us. 

Let us have knowledge we can understand and wisdom to use it well. 

We ask our highest Reiki guide to stand  behind us and give us healing through the top of our heads, this comes in the form of white light.

It falls into our heart chakras easily. Our heart, lungs, back, top of arms, the whole of our heart chakras are filled with the healing white light.

I want you all to create a feeling of confidence in your heart that this is taking place.

Shine this white healing light from your heart, directly into the heart of the person sitting oposite you, fill their heart with healing light, connect with them with healing, peace and acceptance. 

Spend a couple of minutes with this, then move to the next person in the circle and repeat the process, do this for every person.

Then come back to your own heart, sit with this energy for a while.

Without speaking too much and keeping in a healing state, move on to the Attunements. 

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