Reiki Masters directory

Insurance for practitioners and teachers

A range of covers is available, please contact us for further details

Website design

from 50 euros for a 1 page website.This can be built on. 25 euros for subsequent pages. Alterations kept at a low cost, from 10 euros. 

Teaching aids*

Hand made scrolls depicting the Reiki symbols.  (price to be announced)

Poster showing the hand positions.  (price to be announced)

Study pack for Reiki 1 and 2 12.50 euro (20% discount for 10 or more)

Study pack for Reiki Masters 12.50 euro  (20% discount for 10 or more)

Blank Certificates available to our Students  (price to be announced)

* A Masters certificate is needed in order to buy symbol scrolls and Reiki Masters study packs. a photo copy is fine.

                                                                 email:      Tel: (0034) 6159 11471