Raising your Vibration Meditation

Higher Self: this is your soul energy which loves you and has been with you through many lifetimes.

Innate Intelligence: this is the inborn intelligence of your body, of your cellular structure, your DNA. 

Sit in a meditation position.

Breath in through your nose in long slow deep breaths, out through your mouth.

Bring your awareness to your breath, feel how it flows through your nose and into your lungs, filling them with air. 

Feel this go further on into every cell of your body, filling them with oxygen and your awareness.

Go back to a comfortable breathing pattern. 

Think about the cells of your body, and instruct them to raise their vibration. eg. "cells of my body I instruct you to raise your vibration"

Think about the cells in your legs, in your muscles, bones, connective tissue, the skin.

Instruct all the cells of your legs to raise their vibration. 

Think about all the cells in your legs, connect with them, instruct them, cells of my legs raise your vibration. 

Imagine this happening, imagine them becoming lighter, happier and healthier, use your breathing to help this process, as you breathe in imagine your breath helping to raise their vibration.

You may start to feel tingling sensations in your legs, this is the vibration changing.

Think about your lower body now, your internal organs, your kidneys and bladder, the liver, intestines and bowl, your lower back. 

Think about all the cells here, instruct them, all the cells here raise your vibration.

They are listening to you now, imagine them becoming lighter, happier and more youthful, use your breath to help this, All the cells here in this lower part of my body I instruct you to raise your vibration. 

Think about your heart chakra now, your heart, lungs, solar plexus area, your upper back, tops of arms and tops of shoulders.

All the cells here raise your vibration, they are all listening to you now, becoming lighter and more youthful as you use your breath to assist them. They are happy you are doing this it makes them feel vibrant. All the cells here I instruct you to raise your vibration.

Think about your head, neck, your brain, face, eyes, cheeks and mouth.

Think about the cells in the muscles, the bones and conective tissue in these areas,and instruct them. Raise your vibration.

using your breath you feel this happening, they become lighter and happier.

Ask all the cells of your body now to raise their vibration, use your breath to help.

Imagine them all, lighter, more youthful and happier.

As you sit here in this energy you have created, Ask your higher self to join you, merge with you, ask your innate intelligence to join you, merge with you.  

Sit in this loving space for as long as feels comfortable and nice.

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