Individual Marker Meditation

For this meditation I have used 'Anger' as an example, but it can be used for any physical or emotional problem that you wish to bring healing and balance to. Just change the wording to your needs.

This is a very simple yet powerful process and is  beneficial to do before a treatment.

 The cells of your body contain all your genetic information, including information from your Higher-Self, this is what you are instructing.

Your innate intelligence is the intelligence of the cells of your body.

Firstly do the raise your vibration meditation.

Then, say:

I ask my higher self to merge with me, join me.

I ask my innate intelligence to also merge with me.

"I instruct the Cells of my body, through my higher-self and innate intelligence, to Remove the Marker that is causing anger in me.

I ask for this to be done in the Past, the Present and the Future and I give permission for this.

Say this 3 times, you dont have to be good at this for it to suceed, it will work anyway, just pretending is good enough.

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