Many of you will have heard of somebody who has the ability to find water or other things, by using a forked stick, dowsing rods or a pendulum and have wondered how it was done. Dowsing is something that anyone can learn. It’s like any other skill, it increases and becomes easier the more you practice.

To have an understanding of what is taking place when you are dowsing, goes a long way in helping develop these skills in yourself.

It’s not really about the equipment you use (expensive, cheap, or home made dowsing rods pendulums or sticks, will all work in the same way), but more about communication.

The first step in learning to dowse, is to really learn to communicate with your own body, or more specifically, with the cells of your body, which have energy and consciousness and can be communicated with.

It’s less about the words and more about the feeling and intention behind them that counts.

The development of this skill can be likened to a third, or alternative language, in the same way that Art or Music is. It helps to start with something you are familiar with, have an affinity to, or passion for. for example, I know a Spanish farmer who realised from about the age of 7, that he could sense water when it was nearby.  Over the years he has developed this affinity to allow him to find underground water and can now, not only find hidden water courses but trace their direction, and say how far below the surface it is and approximate how much is there with great accuracy.

The point is that he developed this affinity with a lot of practice, he now uses a pair of heavy metal pendulums and is a very successful water diviner.

The area that I am practised in, is Dowsing of the Earth, and the tools I use are, myself and a pair of ‘L’ shaped metal dowsing rods (which my husband makes for me from old wire coathangars) I like to have a few pairs around, as I am forever leaving them behind and losing them!

I start by doing a short meditation (only a minute or two) I use the Reiki Gassho meditiation, but any meditation process you are familiar with will be fine. Then I protect myself spiritually, for this I have learned to raise the vibration of my body while I work. Once you are able to connect with the cells of your body, you will find this quite easy and natural, you can also use any protection technique you already have or prefer.

I then walk to the part of the Garden or Ground where I wish to start. I hold the dowsing rods, in a relaxed grip, parallell to the ground with my arms at right angles. I make a connection between myself and the earth where I am standing and when I feel this connection (which only takes a few seconds) I start asking questions. Such as, is there any negative energy here? As I walk across the garden the rods will cross over each other if there is, go the opposite way and splay apart if the energy is good, or stay as they were if neutral.

There are many types of energies running through the earth, good and bad, caused by disturbances in the earth’s crust, leylines, lines of geopathic stress and places where there has been a lot of fear or tragedies (through battles, wars, accidents or many other things). You can ask about all of these things while you are dowsing and can build a picture and map out whole houses and gardens very accurately in this way and find out exactly what kind of energy you are living in. Also you will develop more subtle impressions as your intuition and experience develops. This in turn will give you more confidence.

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