Aromatherapy Courses

Dates for these courses will be made available shortly 

 Essential Oils for the Family

This is a 1 day course by Julie.

The use of Essential Oils for the family, making Oils and Balms for Babies, with an Introduction to Reflexology. This is an ideal course for mums, helping with natural ways to deal with Baby’s and Children's problems before they get to the stage of needing the doctor. Always fun.

Euro 90.00 (this includes a Vegetarian lunch)


An Introduction to Aromatherapy

This is a 1 day course by Julie.

Safe use of Essential Oils for the family. An Introduction to Massage using some of these oils. 

Euro 90.00 (this includes a Vegetarian lunch)


Aromatherapy (full Course)

A full Aromatherapy Course will be available soon.  

Full itinerary available soon. 

Which will include these and other criteria.

This will be spread weekly or monthly over 1 or 2 years, and will be run by Julie, It will include full body massage taught in stages using essential oils, and taking case studies.

Relating the essential oils to the plants from our garden and studying the botanical and therapitic uses.

Detailed study of over 100 essential oils and their uses. Latin and common names.

Acupressure points.

specalist techniques including, lymphatic drainage massage, face massage, massage for RSI.

Contra indications.

Trips to a lavender farm, with teaching on making essential oils.

The different techniques used to make essential oils.

A weekend at Kew Botanical Gardens, with teaching from their Botanists and Aromatherapists. 

Although based here at San Andreas, some of the course will be out on location,  

Most of the course will be spent in the practise of hands on massage, using different essential oils.

Price to be announced


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