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Change your thoughts change your life

A new Course by Linda F. Young

2 full day course 16th -17th March  £190.00

“More than 90%of our thoughts and actions come from our subconscious mind. This is where all our beliefs and memories live and it is from here we base our daily actions and decisions.  
However many of these beliefs were formed when we were very young by our parents, teachers and other outside influences which are now outdated and extremely limiting.
During these two days we will explore which of our subconscious “programming” is blocking us from living the life we truly want to live.  You will learn how to become more conscious and create new “programming” which is more in tune with your hopes and dreams.
This promises to be a transformational and empowering couple of days!
Linda is inspiring and uplifting and is passionate about what she teaches. She walks her talk!

A few years back after suffering from severe and debilitating headaches Linda was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. Through her unshakeable faith in the power of belief that she could heal herself she set about doing just that! She made the changes necessary and within a short time the aneurysm started to shrink and eventually disappear completely without the need of intrusive procedures or medication. 
She is also a certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer with Mike Dooley (author of Infinite Possibilities and Notes from the Universe). 

                                                                 email:      Tel: (0034) 6159 11471