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balm making

Lavender Flower Water 
(100ml aluminium bottle) 9.50 euro

Lovely for babies bathtime


One capful for a babybath, healthy for the skin, calming and relaxing even for 
new babies. 
Healthy for the skin, encourages new cell growth, relaxing and calming, can also be used as a natural deodorant, gorgeous scent. 

Baby Balm
(50ml Jar) 8.50 euro (15 ml tin) 4.50 euro

Organic Calendula flowers infused in our neighbours organic olive oil, made ino a balm using beeswax from bees kept in the mountains behind Competa, a national park with an abundance of wild flowers and herbs. This balm acts as a barrier and is very healing. Use from newborn onwards.

baby balm

Baby Massage Oil
(50ml pump dispenser bottle) 8.50 euro

Organic chamomile flowers infused in our neighbours organic olive oil, mixed with sweet almond oil.

This is a light nourishing oil that will relax babies and children.

Suitable for babies and children alike.

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