About Meditation


A beautiful spiritual practice to be       

enjoyed throughout the day as well

as In meditation.

Why meditate, how to meditate, what should I be feeling?

Why meditate

As well as the perfect platform from which to do distance healing, it will help you to be a more connected healer in every way. 

It will help you understand your own mind, and also your unique gifts. We all vibrate at slightly different frequencies and are all a little different from each other. With regular practise our individual gifts will become apparent to us, we all have these and its an exciting and beautiful thing to discover about ourselves. 

Meditation will help you overcome negative thought patterns, and cultivate positive ones, this brings with it peace, happiness, and more clarity over your life. Giving you more control in a very positive way.

It can overcome health problems of all kinds, completely turning around illnesses and imbalances. When you are truly connected your physical and emotional bodies become in balance.  

For myself, meditation opened up a new world I didnt know existed, one of color, beautiful souls, and an earth with consciousness and great compassion which is my friend.

The blissful feeling you have in your heart chakra, while meditating feels like being in Gods arms, or an angels, in oneness with the world.

Why wouldnt you want this?


Meditation gives you more time 

by calming and focusing the mind.

How to develop a meditation discipline

It is a discipline, and for the first couple of months it will seem like this. After this time it becomes more of a joyful and life changing process.

Its all very easy and should feel natural and move at your own pace.

Have a discipline of twice a day for 2 months, I would suggest working no longer than 10 to 15 mins. a day on each meditation.

There are 3 parts to my meditation practice, and I have written this out in its fullest form.  As you become more familiar with your practice you can adapt it to suit yourself. I still use this form when its needed, and always get a better connection.


Find a quiet space you feel would be good for meditation. In bed isn't the best place, as you may end up asleep. The living room will be full of family energy, and also maybe television energy. A space off one of these rooms is fine and will build its own energy up.  

Once you have decided where, make the space your own, you could put up an Altar with a buddha and candles,  or anything you like to enhance your space.

Sit on a large  cushion or pouffe, I use the latter as it gives me a good posture for meditating. 

Your posture should be cross legged, or in lotus,  straight backed supporting your own weight, Your head slightly tipped forward with eyes closed or slightly open, so, relaxed but not to sleepy. Your hands can be placed in your lap, palms up. Your dominant hand should be under the other hand. 

If you have a disability that makes some of these positions uncomfortable just adapt it to suit yourself, this will be fine. 

You can burn some essential oils, incense, or smudge your area.

Chanting is a good way of changing energy in a space especially if done regularly. 

Any chant your are familiar with is best, you can use any of the Reiki symbols, they lend themselves quite nicely to this, or you could use Om Shanti. Om, the first sound ever made in the universe, Shanti, peace. 

eg. Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti. 

or, Om Shanti Shanti, Om Shanti Shanti, Om Shanti Shanti.

Chant everything in 3s. 

You can put some spiritual music on if you like, and you are ready for the second stage. 


I would suggest starting by using the raise your vibration meditation listed below, If you first read it through, then just have a go, it doesn't have to be exact, as long as you get the idea, you will improve every time and make it your own. This part can take up to 10 mins or so. 

You will now be prepared for the meditation part.


Ask your higher self, or soul energy to be with you, merge with you.

Sit with a lucid and clear mind and relaxed body for as long as feels natural and pleasant with the energy you have created. This can be a few seconds or an hour. This is the point where your gifts can eventually become apparent, and the true connection will begin, so don't miss out this bit.  

This can be built on daily, at first dont try for more that 10 to 15 mins. 

Your heart chakra will become lighter each time and this can affect you in different ways.

Sometimes you can get fluttering in the heart or even some aching around the heart chakra, this includes your upper back top of shoulders and arms, also your solar plexus.

If this sort of thing happens you know your doing really well, and starting to truly connect.

When you are used to creating this lovely energy in your body, you can eventually keep it with you all the time, just by being aware and practicing, and also asking for this to be so.

A beautiful spiritual practice to be enjoyed throughout the day, as well as in meditation.

Raise your vibration meditation.          

Higher Self:  this is your soul energy which loves you and has been with you through many lifetimes.

Innate Intelligence:  this is the inborn intelligence of your body, of your cellular structure, your DNA. 

Sit in a meditation position.

Breath in through your nose in long slow deep breaths, out through your mouth.

Bring your awareness to your breath, feel how it flows through your nose and into your lungs, filling them with air. 

Feel this go further on into every cell of your body, filling them with oxygen and your awareness.

Go back to a comfortable breathing pattern. 

Think about the cells of your body, and instruct them to raise their vibration. eg. "cells of my body I instruct you to raise your vibration"

Think about the cells in your legs, in your muscles, bones, connective tissue, the skin.

Instruct all the cells of your legs to raise their vibration. 

Think about all the cells in your legs, connect with them, instruct them, cells of my legs raise your vibration. 

Imagine this happening, imagine them becoming lighter, happier and healthier, use your breathing to help this process, as you breathe in imagine your breath helping to raise their vibration.

You may start to feel tingling sensations in your legs, this is the vibration changing.

Think about your lower body now, your internal organs, your kidneys and bladder, the liver, intestines and bowl, your lower back. 

Think about all the cells here, instruct them, all the cells here raise your vibration.

They are listening to you now, imagine them becoming lighter, happier and more youthful, use your breath to help this, All the cells here in this lower part of my body I instruct you to raise your vibration. 

Think about your heart chakra now, your heart, lungs, solar plexus area, your upper back, tops of arms and tops of shoulders.

All the cells here raise your vibration, they are all listening to you now, becoming lighter and more youthful as you use your breath to assist them. They are happy you are doing this it makes them feel vibrant. All the cells here I instruct you to raise your vibration.

Think about your head, neck, your brain, face, eyes, cheeks and mouth.

Think about the cells in the muscles, the bones and conective tissue in these areas,and instruct them. Raise your vibration.

using your breath you feel this happening, they become lighter and happier.

Ask all the cells of your body now to raise their vibration, use your breath to help.

Imagine them all, lighter, more youthful and happier.

As you sit here in this energy you have created, Ask your higher self to join you, merge with you, ask your innate intelligence to join you, merge with you.  

Sit in this loving space for as long as feels comfortable and nice.

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